Sunday, March 10, 2013


Chores, who needs chores?!
dirty garbage in  my hands
washing tables hand to hand
dishes stinky
floors need mopped
 ill work all around the clock
dog is barking
she now needs food
now she has to go du du
vacuums on
trim the lawn
clean your bedroom
was the walls
I cant reach I'm not tall
while your at it strip your beds
pillows, blankets I'm almost dead,
scrub the windows
dust the shelf's
give your dog a bath
scrub her good and tickle her shell laugh
organize your desk
keep going its still a mess!
pick up your toys
call the boys
time to eat and relax
after this time to clean the upstairs bath
the day grows long
it soon is over,
time for bed
waiting for tommorws chores!


  1. Wow...that made me tired just reading it. Very nice...but I do hope you saved some time to catch your breath. Great flow...and I think we can all identify with it. Jackie

  2. Cute post! Reminds me just how very very very much I. HATE. CHORES.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your post!!! Made me laugh, and I had to read it aloud to your older brother! What great flow, rhythm, and imagery! Are your chores really all that burdensome? ;) Child labor, huh? :) :)