Saturday, March 23, 2013

Running Experiance

Today my mom and I ran 4 miles. On each mile we tried to observe what we ran past. On the first mile we could smell fresh clean lavender laundry. On the second mile we noticed an old school house with a window broken, I stuck my head by the window and could see it was old and dark inside there were two counters, a bucket, some papers, and a paint brush. On the third mile I asked my mom if we could go into the cemetery that we ran past and she said yes so we adventured into there. I was very sad when I observed a 2 year old baby girl died and there was a small grave for her and a cup with flowers in it. Close by the girls grave we saw a recent buried grave it was a gal 91 years old and there were very many flowers and a ribbon off to the side that had flown away. So I got the ribbon and set it on top of the mound. On the very last mile, number 4, I observed many squirrels I counted 7. Some lamps inside of windows turned on, Rocks that looked like bird nests, and best of all, some dog poop, it smelled awful I mean just terrible!! I ran past there fast I thought I got it on my shoe but I didn't so I guess it was just fresh?! Later on the way home from running there were 3 people walking 4 dogs so I thanked them secretly for the surprise they left me back a little ways.

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