Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stair case issues

Down going down

      Creeks and spiders
           Mice and old apple cider!                                            
               Creek creek .......creek
                   Wait.... Is somebody down there?
                        Hellloooo... Helllooooo?
                           oh well keep going
                                 Down going down
                                     Holes in the stair case spider webs
                                        rats leeking in the corners
                                            My heart beat getting faster and faster
                                               I take a couple more steps and.....
                                                 AHHHHH! A GOBLIN! Or maybe a witch?
                                                      I feel as if I am about to faint
                                                        I shine my flashlight on it and its just a couple of old clothes
                                                          I keep going......... Is somebody down there?
                                                             This time I think I hear a voice... Calling back?
                                                               I look into the dark and stare hard... There's now a new figure
                                                                 Scarier looking than the other one. My heart is beating
                                                                   Faster and faster I just then convinced myself nothing was
                                                                     Down down where I was going down when suddenly.....
                                                                        The figure reached out and touched me it grabbed me
                                                                          AHHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH.....
                                                                                                  Now I decide to go up going up
                                                                                        I reach the top about two seconds later
                                                                          Out of breath... Mo.. Mom! There's ahhhh ahhhh
                                                                     A goblin down there it touched me it really really did
                                                         later I sat down and siped some water and she asked me if I got the potatoes
                                         And I don't think she heard me the first time whe I said the part about a    goblin down there.        
                                  She asked me to go down and told me... Do you mind telling your brother to come wash his hands he went in the basement to play a little bit ago you might see him when your down there.................... I stood up with questions racing through my head and next thing I knew I was down going down.............


  1. I loved the way you placed each sentence of your poem/story at a different place on the page. What a cool way to, not only tell a fun story, but also make it look very interesting. Nice slice! I can't wait to read more of your writing!

  2. Thank you I love reading some of your students writings they are very fun!