Friday, March 1, 2013


Don't you ever wonder about something maybe when your laying in bed at night awake or waiting for a phone call or text or maybe your just daydreaming. Maybe you can relate to these......
I wonder if there is a end to numbers,
I wonder how many times a day a light switch gets turned on and off,
I wonder how many billion of gallons of water get wasted every day,
I wonder how many hairs are on my head,
I wonder who the smartest person in the world is,
I wonder what would happen if the world got rid of money and all shared and traded,
I wonder if i will ever make a movie,
I wonder what the book with most pages is titled,
I wonder if anybody has ever gotten all the questions on ISTEP correct,
I wonder why people are so rude,
I wonder who the first person to invent shoes or sneakers was named,
I wonder which one was created first dog or cat,
I wonder how deep the biggest hole in the world is,
I wonder when Christ will come,
I wonder who invented tractors is,
I wonder who the first person to climb a tree was and how they came up with the idea,
I wonder if our water will ever run out,
I wonder when all my questions will be answered and I wonder if your out of breath from reading this?

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