Sunday, March 3, 2013

Would you rather

Would you rather rent a movie or go to a movie theater?
I would rather rent a movie because of many reasons,
1. You can pause the movie
2. You can watch the movie many times
3. You can snuggle in your blankets
4. Your dog can watch it too
5. You don't have to buy the food
6. You can watch it at your time
7. You can turn the sound up or down
8. You can control the lights
9. You have a bigger space to sit
10. You can be loud
All opinions are fine to have but you need to back your opinion up with facts


  1. Wow! Those are a lot of reasons to rent a movie. My favorite one is that your dog can watch it with you...oh ya, and that you can snuggle in a blanket while you are watching. Great reasoning!

  2. Rhyss,

    I always LOVE reading your writing! You always have such great voice, and it's obvious you are a thinker! I love the passion you show in all that you do!